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If I haven't used what I'm teaching you successfully in my own career, you won't hear about it. Steven T Cerri

What does it take to be an Influential Engineer or Scientist who has control and confidence in his or her career?

It's not a mystery.  It's a process.  A process of acquiring certain competencies. There are seven key competencies and skills necessary, and only one of them has anything to do with your technical ability:  Download the PDF by clicking on the link below.

3 Ways We Can Work Together...

Podcast Learning

Once a week listen to a new podcast designed for men and women engineers, scientists, technologists, and technical managers who want to advance their careers... faster and confidently!

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The "Engineered-to-Influence" program will open for enrollment in January 2021.  (If you would like to be notified when open enrollment begins, just click on the link below to be notified.)

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Coaching / Mentoring

I will work with you personally for an initial period of 3 months to help you be more successful in your work.  To learn more and to schedule a free 30-minute "get to know each other" phone call click the link below.

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What happens here?

This site is dedicated to helping men and women engineers, scientists, technologists, and technical managers gain the experience that leads to a successful career without having to learn through trial-and-error.

Trial-and-error, or "learning on the job" can be successful, over time, but it can also lead to major missteps and setbacks in your career and that is what I teach you to avoid.  And I'll teach you what works and what doesn't... and why.

There are three ways we can work together.  You can learn by listening to my podcasts; you can learn by enrolling in my membership site "Engineered to Influence"; and you can sign up for one-to-one mentoring.

 The choices are yours.  


Your are in the right place!

Whether you are a young man or woman just out of school entering the workforce, or a junior technical person, or a new lead or manager, or even an experienced senior technical engineer, or a subject matter expert (SME), this site is designed to give you skills, advice, ideas, mentoring, coaching, and knowledge that you won't get in the usual places... and... at a much faster pace than you could get on-the-job.

Your technical curricula did not prepare you for what happens when you join an organization. Companies hire you for your technical ability, but then they want something else... and that something else includes your ability to contribute effectively on a team; your ability to communicate effectively with your colleagues; your ability to compromise; your ability to work cross-functionally; your ability to make effective presentations; and your ability to communicate effectively with your non-technical customers, to name just a few.  And most of these skills were not even on your radar when you joined your organization.  Everyone needs a safety-net, a mentor to guide them.

Featured Podcasts Episodes...

Episode #6:  The Riskiest Technical Job You Will Ever Be Offered!

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Episode #8:  Micromanagement is Easy To Avoid... Really!  (Part 1 of 2)

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Episode #11:  The Future Job Market Requires a... New You!

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"When I shook Steven’s hand, I had no idea I was meeting one of the finest mentors I’d ever have. Steven’s advice is simple and relevant and it has fundamentally changed the way I approach my entire career."

Uma Verma
Aeronautical Engineer

"Steven Cerri offers a thorough analysis of the most common communication stumbling blocks experienced by engineers or scientists. His "Limiting Belief Cycles" and "Gems of Wisdom" are brilliant new ways for technologists to approach how they perceive and relate to others."

Christine Kopec
Founder and CEO, Avante Leadership Group

"The material Steven taught seemed like unconventional wisdom to me. I’ve seen a lot of different trainers and training programs, and after more than 10 years, I have yet to find anyone else who uses Steven’s style of teaching, coaching, and mentoring. Within a year of taking Steven’s class I made a big advancement in my company. I moved up into a lead role. Within a year of taking Steven’s class I was given direct reports. I’ve applied the things I learned in Steven’s classes and coaching and mentoring and it’s worked so well."

Leslie Buchanan
Program Manager

"In the time I’ve taken Steven’s courses, my performance reviews have gone from those I didn’t particularly like to now receiving a top 15% rating. I attribute much of that success to Steven’s training, insights, perspectives, and practical guidance. He doesn’t just teach “one thing”. His teaching spans almost all aspects of the interpersonal components of a technical career and it works."

Raymond Wolfgang
Electrical Engineer / Manager

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Who is Steven Cerri?

Welcome, I'm Steven Cerri. I'm an aeronautical engineer, a geophysicist, with an MBA. I have made the transition from engineer to general manager. I know the twists and turns that make for a successful engineering/technical/management/leadership career. And I know where the pitfalls are. Everyone needs a career safety net and I was lucky enough to have mentors along my career path. At this site, in this place, I am your mentor along your career path.

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