What I do is a combination of coaching and mentoring.

Here is what I mean.

Coaching: Not all coaching is created equal and therefore, not all coaching produces the same results.  Here are some definitions to keep in mind.

My Tactical Coaching: This type of coaching is designed to achieve a desired outcome through the acquisition of specific knowledge that the person has not yet obtained and would require months or years of specific experience in order to do so.  The coachee needs specific information in order to do something or to achieve a specific result.  My years of experience inside technical organizations as an engineer, scientist, manager, and leader allow me to provide specific suggestions and guidance when specific results are the goal.

My Strategic Coaching (Mentoring): This type of coaching is very aligned with mentoring and is designed to assist the coachee in understanding motivation and thinking processes.  This often comes about when the person seems to be "getting in their own way". It is not so much that they do not know how to do something, it is that their thinking, motivation, emotional processes, and their ability to build positive work relationships are not aligned with what they and the organization most value.  Strategic coaching therefore, is more "reflective" and insightful for the coachee and is therefore, much closer to what many call mentoring.  My years of coaching and mentoring my own employees provide me insight into what is actually going on "behind" the scenes when coachees seem to just not get the shift that has to take place in their own perspective in order to move forward and achieve success.

Both are critical to your success:  My coaching process is a seamless combination of both Tactical and Strategic Coaching (or coaching and mentoring).  In any give coaching session I will often combine tactical and strategic coaching so that the coachee can achieve maximum results.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, for yourself or for someone in your organization, just fill out the contact form below and I'll contact you shortly and we can talk.  There is no commitment, because not only are you determining if you or your organization want to work with me, I also must determine if I can provide a successful outcome for you.

Be well,

Steven Cerri



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