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Welcome to the the Engineer-to-Leader podcast series designed by Steven Cerri specifically to help men and women engineers, scientists, technologists, and technical managers create the long-term career success they want. And it doesn't matter if you are just entering the workforce, a 20-year technical individual contributor, a new manager, or a seasoned technical manger, this podcast series will have nuggets for everyone.

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Episode #12: The #1 Obstacle to Your Future Career Success

This behavioral trait will definitely keep you from being ready for the new job market. No matter what the future job market environment will be, the environment is only a part of the challenge. The major part of the challenge a function of you. In this episode #12 you will learn this #1 obstacle and how to counter it so you can be ready for the changing future.

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Episode #11: The Future Job Market Requires a... New You!

Whether you are an experienced engineer, or just out of school, you are probably not prepared for the job market of the next 10 to 20 years.  Engineers, scientists, and technologists need to start preparing for this “rewiring” of our work reality now!  In this Episode #11 of the Engineer-to-Leader podcast series I’ll be talking about what to expect and the two major areas of your work that cannot touched by the changes coming. 

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Episode 10: Micromanagement for Managers (and employees)

All managers must be micromanagers… some times. Want to know how to avoid looking like a micromanager even when you have to micromanage.  In this episode #10 of the Engineer-to-Leader podcast, I’ll show managers how to have a high level of oversight and not get push back from employees. And this is a great podcast for employees because you can use the process in this podcast to reduce the oversight your manger places on you.

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Episode #9:  Micromanagement Real-World Cases (Pt 2 of 2)

As an engineer, scientist, or technologist, is it possible to keep your manger from micromanaging you?  The answer is YES.  In this podcast, Steven shows you how to avoid and diffuse micromanagement using three real-world cases as examples.

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Episode #8:  Micromanagement Is Easy To Avoid... Really! (Pt 1 of 2)

Micromanagement is an overrated concern. It really isn’t such a big deal. You can avoid being micromanaged if you are an employee, and you can avoid being a micromanager if you are a manager. In this first part series you will learn how.

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Episode #7:  Take Initiative or be an Easily Replaceable Commodity

Taking initiative is an absolute requirement to advance your career, and also for not being easily replaced.

Doing good technical work just isn't enough. Avoid taking initiative and your technical competency will be viewed as a commodity. Take initiative and you will be seen as an organizational asset.

Learn what, when, and how to to take initiative to advance your career.

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Episode #6:  The #1 Riskiest Technical Job You Will Ever be Offered

In this episode, Steven Talks about the #1 riskiest and most challenging job you will ever be offered.  And for 99% of the engineers in the workforce, you can't avoid it.  Do it well and your career will skyrocket.  Do it poorly and your career can derail for several years.

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Episode #5:  The Right Mindset for Career Success

Steven Talks about the best mindset to build a long-term successful career.  This mindset is not taught in school so you must acquire it on-the-job or better yet, by first understanding what it is and then beginning to adopt it at each stage of your career, ensuring greater career success.

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Episode #4: The Real Reason to Give a Technical Presentation

In this episode, Steven talks about the fact that most technical presentations are about data, status, or review.  These are not the best reasons to give a technical presentation.  Presentations ought to be about influence!  Your goal ought to be to influence your audience to come to the conclusion you want them to.

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Episode #3: Competencies Needed for Your Engineering Career

In this episode, Steven talks about the specific competencies you need to build a successful career. These competencies are not taught in school so you must acquire them on-the-job, which is not optimal, or acquire them before you actually need them and in this way, smooth your career path.

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Episode #2: Phases of Your Engineering Career Path

In this episode, Steven talks about the specific phases you can expect during your engineering / technical career. Managing these phases well will allow you to develop a long and successful career as a technical expert or move into technical management and leadership.

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Episode #1: Introduction and Your Career Will Not Be a Straight Line

In this episode, Steven talks about why he created this podcast series and what you can expect going forward. He also discusses the fact that what you think your career will look like is often not how it actually shows up. This podcast will set the stage for your listening to future podcasts.

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